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We Source Ethically Extracted Minerals


Central Asian Emeralds

We work in partnership with a range of artisanal miners in the Pamir Region of Afghanistan and the Swat Valley in Pakistan.

We export Central Asian Emeralds for our Swiss Watch-Setting and Asian Jewellery clients.


A Spinel consists of a large group of associated minerals, of which limited amounts are of gemstone quality. Gemmologists define spinel as a gem of many colours yet the colour most sought out is ruby red.

We export Spinel mainly from Tajikistan for our jewellery clients in China.


We export Tourmaline from various areas of the Pamirs in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, mainly Badakhshan.

We provide Tourmaline of all colours ranging from Achroite - Colorless, Chrome Tourmaline - Emerald Green, Indicolite - Blue, Rubellite - Pink to Red, Verdelite - Green, Watermelon Tourmaline - Pink core/Green edges

Lapis Lasuli

Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone containing mainly the mineral Lazurite (30%) as well as other minerals such as Calcite and Pyrite. These stones can be found both in Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

We export Lapis Lasuli on request for our Jewellery clients in China and Firenze, Italy.

Precious Metals


We export gold from our own mines or from artisanal or semi-industrial operations, providing our end-user clients with a fully traceable and certified product.

We work in the LATAM, Africa and Central Asia, with a view to creating value chains within the gold industry, focusing on legalising infrastructures, standardising operations and improving working methods and conditions.


We operate hybrid and semi-industrial mineral extraction operations in West Africa in collusion with local-government, private investment funds and development banks in order to demonstrate smart mining techniques and provide wealth and jobs to the local community.

Via the amphibious extraction of rutile and ilmenite, we produce titanium for the Asian market.

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