CBR Fund

Frontier Ethical Investment for the Reconstruction of Global Value Chains in Post Conflict Areas

Cross-Border-Reconstruction Fund

“ Olimining works closely with the private foundation, CBR Fund, in order to provide it with technical analysis and execution for mining projects within its portfolio ”

The core motivation of the Cross-Border Reconstruction fund is to rebuild social, commercial and facilities infrastructures in order to advance the implementation of environmentally sound practices in post-conflict areas. The CBR Fund will provide an all-inclusive solution to humanities impact on global warming by providing support to public and private bodies at sub-national level, prioritising the development of cross border value chains, which are responsibly operated, ecologically comprehensive and economically sustainable. Risk is mitigated by using a diversified investment approach involving private and public institutions, and investments across multiple asset classes corresponding to various risk profiles. Long term sustainability is guaranteed, resulting from a business-like approach and management process, ensuring that selected projects are bankable.

The CBR Fund works:


Working at Sub-National level optimises the efficiency of the fund. Government officials at local level work closer to the ground, understand better the needs of the environment and our able to make swift decisions.


Whether it be infrastructure, agriculture or mining, the CBR Fund always maintains the ethos that projects be selected based upon the ecological impact they have and how that environmental footprint can be reduced.


Focusing on cross-border industries in order to rebuild historic value chains, helps solve regional issues by providing access to international markets.


Developing existing industries such as industrial, infrastructure and natural resources projects, allows for an impact to be achieved efficiently and economically


Running projects cooperatively between private and public bodies allows us to benefit from the expertise and advantages of both sides.


Managing the fund through a business-like approach provides project managers access to global networks and ensures investors a profitable outcome.


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