Fair Mined Gold - Republic of Guinea


Siguiri Mines - Republic of Guinea

Fair Mined Gold - Siguiri, Dinguiraye, Kouroussa and Mandiana

“ Our aim in the Republic of Guinea is to build a gold value chain, where working conditions on mines are developed, global regulations are adapted to, minerals are extracted safely, and profit margins are redistributed to the mining community ”

Olimining Sarl is based in front of the Clinique Pasteur in Kaloum, Conakry, the Republic of Guinea

The team welcomes artisanal miners to discuss commercial conditions for the purchase of Gold in powder, nuggets or ingots. Olimining works in accordance with national law and all gold must be assayed at the Banque Centrale de la République de Guinée (BCRG) before payment and export.

Olimining offers to purchase materials at fair prices by wire transfer, or in exchange for monetary equivalent in:

Mining Equipment

Mining Permits

Land Ownership Rights

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Olimining also works to form cooperatives between miners in order to increase productivity, optimise costs, provide union support, improve working conditions and optimise the chain in order to increase overal profit margins for the mining community.

OLIMINING SARL is also an official exporter agreed by the BCRG and BNE and openly supports miners and foreign companies willing to export Gold and other Precious Metals from Guinea.


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