Gold Mine Enhancement - Santander, Colombia


Alvaro Moya, Moya Watches, inspecting Olimining Mines - Santander, Colombia

Gold Mine Enhancement - Santander and Bolivar, Colombia

“ Olimining is currently in partnership with Colombian Mining Cooperatives that are in the process of standardising 12 concessions in the Santander Region of Colombia.”

Colombia has over 34 mining districts specialising in the extraction of precious metals. Olimining focuses on sustainable development of the artisanal mining community.

Olimining invests in artisanal mines in order to legalise operations by obtainiing mining licenses, export routes, and installing mining equipment to increase productivity and remove the use of mercury at the processing stage. The conglomeration of Latin American and Swiss expertise focusing primarily on the development of sustainable and legal practices, allows for artisanal miners to work safely, increase productivity, alleviate hazardous waste and provide ethical gold to the global markets at a fair price.

Our partnership also places emphasis on:

Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

Product Recycling - Tailings


Prohibition of Child-Labour

Olimining's work in Colombia has been facilitated by the central government, which will prohibit the use of mercury for the amalgamation of gold in mining operations for 2023. Working in collusion with mines, local authorities, exploration companies, mining equipment providers, multi-lateral development agencies and foreign investors, Olimining participates in the transformation of the landscape of artisanal gold mining in Colombia

In Colombia, for the artisanal gold mining industry, Olimining has carried out the following activities:

✔ Hazardous Chemicals Reduction

By 2023, Colombia will have banned the use of Mercury for gold amalgamation. Olimining has initiated Mercury-free techniques in artisanal gold mining: Gravity and Magnetic Concentration Methods

✔ Exploration

We have introduced and applied innovative methods for exploration: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)and Trace Element Analysis

✔ Certification - Metallurgical Analysis

Providing certified gold via installing onsite metallurgical testing centers, in order to prove the origin and the chemicals used in the process.

✔ Mining Standardisation

Applying for mining permits and bidding for concessions for the artisanal mining community in order to standardise their mining operations for legal export.

✔ Precious Metals Refining

Providing access to LBMA registered refineries in Switzerland, the EU, China and Turkey, in order to bridge the regulatory gap between artisanal miners and global standards.

✔ Digital Traceability Platform

Providing operational transparency to external auditors by demonstrating traceability of materials, logistics and finance.


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