Central Asia

Traceability Certification


Range of Gemstones from Panjshir, Afghanistan- Emerald, Rubi, Spinel, Lapis Lasuli, Tourmaline, Certified Gemstone

Gemstone Certification - Afghanistan

“ Olimining provides technology to the Ethical Stones NGO, which has been in Afghanistan since 2012 and has successfully exported and certified gemstones with a view to provide the end-user with a thorough synopsis of not only quality, but the extraction and cutting methods and the conditions of the mines of origin.”

Central Asia consists of the highest mountains in the world. The western Himalayas and the Pamir Mountains have numerous peaks above 6000m. For thousands of years these regions have been home to mining activities that produce some of the best Gemstones in the world. Various countries in the region share these treasures: Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan

These regions are renowned for their valuable minerals. Ethical Stones team currently works in the Panjshir Valley.

In Afghanistan, Olimining works with partners such as

Afghan Emeralds and Panjshir Emeralds, and has carried out the following activities:

✔ Digital Traceability Platform

We have implemented a digital traceability platform, as well as to apply the Ethical-Stones Organisation Standards

✔ Exploration Optimisation

We have introduced and applied innovative methods for exploration: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)and Trace Element Analysis

✔ Smart Mining Techniques - Gemstones

Installing innovative mining techniques and non-explosive demolition agents: Expansive Mortar

✔ Treatment Techniques

Applying of ethical methods to treat gemstones: Cedar Oil Treatment

✔ Cutting & Finishing

Providing access to our cutting centers for our mining partners in order for the producer to be involved in the manufacturing of the end-product.

✔ Global Investment

Fundraising and direct Investment via our partner the Eurasia Industries


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